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Knight Forward Control Fastrac

Knight Forward Control Fastrac

The Knight Forward Control Fastrac is available from Ridgeway Sprayers. The Forward Control conversion for the JCB 4000 series Fastrac creates a high performance self-propelled sprayer. The tank capacity is up to a huge 4000 litres, and booms ranging up to 40m wide to offer you an excellent field output. With this conversion, you are able to allow room for larger wheels affording you a much improved crop clearance. It utilises the tractors variable height suspension for optimum field performance.

The Knight Forward Control Fastrac is a mechanical transmission sprayer that drives as well as a hydrostatic. Using the variable transmission system allows you to automatically maintain a pre-programed forward speed whilst keeping engine r.p.m to a minimum, helping to save on fuel an ensure that the chemical is applied accurately.


Fit Larger Wheels

The forward control conversion makes room for larger wheels, increasing crop clearance to over 700mm. Typical 380/95 R46 rowcrops or 710/60 R38 flotation wheels can be used.

On The Road

Good on the Road

High road speed and efficient braking combined with the JCB 4000 series CVT transmission make this machine ideal where jobs are spread out across a wide area. The active suspension systems and excellent driver environment make this one of the most comfortable sprayers on the market today.


Use For Other Applications

The Forward Control Fastrac can do much more than spraying. The sprayer can quickly be changed for a granular fertiliser spreader or other applicator.

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Knight Forward Control Fastrac