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Patchwork BlackBox Air

The Patchwork BlackBox Air is a Bluetooth GPS system that runs on an Android Tablet and is combined with a state of the art Andriod App.


Download the Patchwork BlackBox Air App from Google Playstore.



  • ​10hz GLONASS and DGPS receiver
  • Bluetooth (2.0) connectivity
  • Plug and Play for Immediate Set-Up
  • Operates from 12v vehicle power supply
  • USB port for charging device

AIR App Software Features:

  • ​Area Measurement
  • Field boundary measurement and auto detection           
  • Field recognition             
  • Store Farm/Fields and Boundaries          
  • Straight and Curved 3D Guidance modes             
  • Tilt correction (Uses device’s built in accelerometer)

AIR+ Features:

  • ​Includes all the features of the AIR App
  • Auto coverage recording
  • Headland Guidance
  • Pause / Resume job
  • Tracking (With Mobile Internet)

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Product Details

The Patchwork BlackBox Air is an upgradeable, flexible, easy to use GPS that's lightweight and portable. It features an area measurement and recording system helping you track the area covered.

Key Features: 

True Accuracy: Helps you obtain true ground position
Simple & Flexible: Use on your Android with a state of the art app
Proven Technology: Used as a GPS solution for agricultural areas since 19898

Product Specs:

  • Bright 7” LCD Display
  • High accuracy, durable touch screen
  • Micro SD storage card slot
  • Rechargeable battery (via USB)
  • WiFi (802.11 b/g/n) and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Optional 8" Waterproof tablet upgrade

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