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Orion 2″ Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Electromagnetic flow meters measure the volume flow of electrically conductive liquids. The liquid passes through a magnetic field and the voltage created is picked up by two electrodes. The voltage is directly proportional to the mean flow velocity and therefore the faster the flow, the greater the voltage signal. The signal is amplified and concentrated into a frequency pulse (e.g. for the 2” version,

  • 100 pulses for every litre passing through the meter).
  • No impellers or other moving parts means no clogging and longer life.
  • Performance less sensitive to fluid density or viscosity means no re-programming and greater accuracy.
  • Will not measure air in the liquid meaning greater accuracy.
  • Flow tolerance of ±0.5% e.g. only a 3 litre error on a 600 litre fill.
  • Maximum power consumption of only 300mA during continous use.
  • Manufactured in polyproylene, stainless steel and glass reinforced nylon for strength and durability.
  • Digital medels can be upgraded to become ‘batch’ meters by adding a pump stop relay set.
  • Users can key in required liquid volume and the Orion sends a signal to a pump or valve to switch off when the desired quantity is reached.

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