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Prostop Air Valve

The Hypro Prostop Valve is a compact air-actuated nozzle shut-off valve that replaces a conventional DCV on the nozzle holder. The Prostop Valve has been specifically designed using Polypropylene, Viton and PVDF giving it better performance and making it much more reliable. It’s supplied to be fitted to any kind of Hypro Nozzle Body right away and can also be used with other nozzle bodies providing they have a 3/4″ BSP thread on the DCV valve assembly.

It takes just 0.5 seconds to open with the Rapid on/off nozzle controls. It features a High reliability O-ring and piston, with no diaphragm to wear. The double lip seals on the Prostop help prevent leakage.

The Prostop Air Valve features:

  • Rapidly and accurately start and stop nozzle flow
  • Compatible with convenient push-connect air fittings and tube
  • Connect one air circuit per boom section
  • Air pressure activates spray, spring closure provides positive shut-off for transport and storage
  • Durable and chemically-resistant polypropylene, PVDF, and EPDM components
  • A 40 psi (3 bar) pneumatic signal controls a maximum spray pressure of 150 psi (10 bar) 

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