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TeeJet Matrix 570GS RXA30

  • The Matrix 570GS is a versatile GPS unit that is Auto Section Control and Auto Steer ready, with an RXA30 antenna – offering improved egnos signal.
  • It has 5.7″ full colour touchscreen.
  • The Matrix Pro system can be used with up to eight Real View Cameras.
  • Field Finder organises saved jobs according to your current GPS location.
  • Easy to use PC utility simplifies creating and maintaining client/farm/field/job data.
  • For more information click on the link below:

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Product Details

The TeeJet Matrix 570GS RXA30 with Antenna, GPS Lihtbar & Clear Path is a state of the art guidance and steering system used for Agricultural and Farming purposes. The exclusive RealView® Guidance Over Video feature allows you to have all the guidance information that you need all on one screen. You can clearly see what's up ahead while monitoring the various implement operations at the same time, all on a single console.

TeeJet Matrix 570GS Overview:

  • Create, save and recall boundaries and AB lines
  • Two-way data transfer
  • Internal WAAS/EGNOS receiver
  • Upgrade compatibility to external receivers like RTK or OmniSTAR
  • Create permanent no spray zones
  • Advanced boom configurations setup allows for 2-dimensional automatic swath control; ideal for dry spreaders or for sprayers with non-linear spray boom arrangement
  • Third-party rate control capabilities allow for prescription application and as-applied mapping on Matrix Pro GS when used with a compatible rate control. Activation required


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