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Billericay ExRay XC Extended Range Nozzle

Billericay ExRay XC Extended Range Nozzle
Product Code NNB004100
Our price: £8.75 + VAT
Straight Nozzle & Cap
Angled Nozzle & Cap


Achieve up to 90% drift reduction, and cover a wider application rate (volume) from each nozzle size in use. Get the same rates of coverage that you would normally need 3 nozzles to achieve. The nozzles are available as either straight down or angled (30 degree) versions. How they work: ExRay XC nozzle features an extra, variable, pre-orifice to achieve the “Extended Range” of output, simply by varying the operating pressure. Incorporating Air Induction technology, the number of driftable droplets generated is minimised allowing up to 90% drift reduction to be achieved, even at practical working pressures. ExRay XC nozzles are supplied ready-made up with three component, parts plus a standard ISO 8mm cap and will fit any nozzle body that accepts nozzle filters. The ExRay XC valve and cap assembly replaces the standard cap seal and the nozzle is fitted into the cap in the normal way. **IT IS ESSENTIAL that the correct combination of ExRay XC valve and nozzle are used together. Please refer to the application rate chart** 1st Column – ExRay XC valve colour 2nd column – Nozzle colour 3rd column – Nozzle metering washer colour

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