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Hypro Guardian Air Nozzle

Guardian AIR™ air-induction nozzles combine the smallest droplet size with a shallow rear incline to offer excellent target coverage in a wide range of crop spraying applications. With the Hypro Guardian Air Nozzle at 3 bar, spray performance is often equivalent to a medium flat fan spray. At lower pressures the Hypro Guardian Air Nozzle has a spray drift of which is reduced by up to 75%, so the balance between spray coverage and drift reduction can be easily adjusted by the operator.

  • More drops per litre than other air-induction nozzle brands for improved spray coverage*
  • Excellent results at 100 l/ha water volumes for faster work rates
  • Unique air filled droplets reduce bounce and help stick spray to target
  • 110° flat fan spray inclined at 10-13°
  • When inclined to the rear the incline compensates for the forward motion of the sprayer to give uniform front and back coverage of target
  • Up to 75% drift reduction at lower pressures to enable more spraying days
  • LERAP 3 , JKI, Z.N.T. and T.C.T. drift classifications
  • Holds spray angle at lower spraying pressures for improved flexibility
  • Proven in the field and recommended by Syngenta UK for applying fungicides, insecticides and some herbicides to combinable crops**
  • Performance equivalent to a medium flat fan spray for all except the smallest spray targets

* HGCA 2010 Nozzle Selection Chart, re-published 2014.
** Always refer to the product label or latest application advice from the agrochemical manufacturer before selecting a spray quality.


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