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Lechler IDKT Twin Air Injector Nozzle


Spray angle: 2 x 120° 

  • Air-aspirating twin flat spray nozzle
  • Pressure range:
  • IDKT-02 to -025: 1.5 to 6.0 bar
  • IDKT-03 to -06: 1.0 to 6.0 bar
  • Fans are angled with 60° between each spray pattern forward and backward
  • Droplet spectra extreme coarse to medium
  • Very low drift potential in pressure range up to 3.0 bar
  • Very compact design – only 22 mm long

Range of application

  • Particularly contact (semi-) systemic plant protectants
  • Ears treatment
  • Potato blight control and desiccation
  • Vegetable-growing
  • Grass control
  • All herbizide applications in particular on low fillage systems

Benefits of IDKT-nozzles

  • Very low drift potential compared to conventional Twin nozzles
  • Thanks to two fans, increased number of droplets and impacts compared to normal air-injector nozzle
  • Excellent coverage on dense foliage and vertical targets (stalk, ears)
  • Easy wiping off of dirt on injector ceramic orifice
  • Little danger of clogging at the nozzle tip thanks to central afflux profile

£6.04 + VAT