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Patchwork BlackBox Advance

  • The upgradable BlackBox Advance includes water and dust proof casing, built in GLONASS, GPS, Terrain Compensation, an On board modem, Headland Control and Headland Warning.
  • With advanced recording the BlackBox Advance provides the ability to save all jobs, A-B lines and allows the storage of multiple paused jobs.
  • In conjunction with WebTrack3 it also allows additional information to be recorded with every job, for example: weather, product used, rate applied.
  • It also includes Enhanced Guidance and In-Built Section Control. 
  • For more information please click on the link below:

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Product Details

The Patchwork BlackBox Advance, available at is the flagship model when it comes to the BlackBox GPS Systems. It unlocks the huge potential for a wide range of implement control solutions when it comes to Agricultural and Farming GPS solutions.

Key Features:

Advanced Recording: The Patchwork BlackBox Advance automatically stores where the work was done and which location.
Multiple Pause: You have the ability to start, stop and pause multiple jobs allowing you to continue to use for additional work.
Enhanced Guidance: Easily switch between the different guidance modes and save time.
In-Built Section Control: No more guess work. Save on time and materials with no overlap

Patchwork BlackBox Advance Specs:

  • Powered By 12v Vehicle Supply
  • Multiple 3D Guidance Modes
  • Bright 7" HD Touch Screen
  • Built-in DGPS Receiver



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