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TeeJet Air Chemsaver Shutoff

We have the TeeJet Air Chemsaver Shutoff in stock now. Using the pneumatic valve, it easily functions with Quick TeeJet nozzle assemblies, with the valve remaining typically closed. TeeJet Air Chemsaver Shutoff utilizes air pressure to make the valve open and then uses a spring to close it again. 

The features include:

  • 55300 ChemSaver Air Shutoff Valve is designed as a pneumatic valve for use on Quick TeeJet® nozzle assemblies.
  • Air pressure is used to open the valve and a spring is used to close the valve.
  • Wetted materials include polypropylene, Kynar® and Viton.
  • 45 PSI (3.1 bar) minimum air pressure.
  • 150 PSI (1b bar) maximum liquid pressure.
  • Air inlet fitting swivels around body and accepts 6mm push-to-connect fittings for fast installation.
  • Valve is normally closed.
  • Very low air consumption per cycle reduces load on air supply system.

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